Ho Ho Ho, Merry Christmas ! It’s that time of year that giving takes on a special meaning. At Christmas we speak of peace and joy and goodwill among all humankind. It can also be a very difficult time for people. When many may be reaching peaks of joy, togetherness, family, love and neighbourly time – there are those who may be feeling the opposite, given a difficult time in their lives. For those of us who can attempt to foster joy, these 6 tips for your social networking community this Christmas may help bring a positive influence to our broader community.

6 Joyful Tips For Your Social Networks this Christmas

1. Point out a charity that you support and encourage others to give.

2. Share a goodwill story relevant to your community.

3. Post a great scene from the season or a quick video of glad tidings.

4. Listen for distress…Attempt to bring comfort and joy

5. Tell a little story about something you are doing to make a difference for someone in need.

6. Like, retweet, share positive news that you have seen posted in your network.

If we all were to just practice these six tips once this Christmas season, we would be influencing our networks in a positive way. This kind of positive energy takes on its own pathway as others share good news, joy and peace.

Wishing you well this holiday season. Merry Christmas !

FERG @FergDevins @DevinsNetwork