Ontario Trilliums Sunnybrook Park #Toronto

There is just one site that is something to be seen every spring in Sunnybrook Park – #Toronto. The carpet like splendor of Ontario’s official flower the “trillium” provide walkers, cyclists, runners, dog walkers, families or adventurers a glimpse of nature’s beauty. I hope you enjoy this collection of the 2015 Trilliums in Sunnybrook Park. You still have time to get up there and see them for yourself. Drive in past the stables and park in lot #8 to get close to this natural beauty.

2015-05-10 09.52.56 2015-05-10 09.53.05 2015-05-10 09.53.28 2015-05-10 09.54.25 2015-05-10 09.54.49 2015-05-10 09.55.53 2015-05-10 09.56.08 2015-05-10 09.56.28 2015-05-10 09.56.14