During these pandemic times, it makes for a very special and different way to think of American Thanksgiving.

A day when you might grab a coffee and watch the Macy’s Parade from New York City. (modified for your viewing pleasure). I have a special place for the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade, given that I marched as the bass drummer for the pipe band, Queen’s University Marching bands in November of 1983.

Or perhaps American Thanksgiving is a day when you might gather locally in Canada with family and friends from the states. We won’t be doing that this year, in our current lockdown here in Toronto.

It would traditionally be one of the busiest travel times of the year in the United States. In fact, some would suggest that the Thanksgiving period in the US has more interstate and “in and out” travel to the United States than any other period during the calendar year.

That might be true in a normal year, but not in a pandemic year.

Hopefully, folks are staying safe, staying close to home, celebrating with limited numbers of family and close friends and taking all the precautions that public health area suggesting. These include but are not limited to social distancing – washing hands frequently – hand sanitizing – wearing masks and limiting travel and mixing and mingling.

We will be thinking of our friends in the United States and hope that they are safe and secure.

Happy American Thanksgiving.