I felt compelled to write a little post related to the increase in spam emails from someone you know. If you are like me, you might have been duped recently, by receiving what appears to be an innocent invite to a link from someone you know.

The two most recent that I encountered were IQElite and Referral Key.

The IQElite appears as a quick “personality quiz” that quickly takes you through a number of steps that prompts you to hand over contacts. Once you click there, it starts to generate invitations to your contact list. It gets into your contacts and your password.  It turns out that it’s a match making service at the end of it. At least that’s what it looks like, and that’s why people finally realized that I had not sent it to them ! Be sure to “change your password” in your email if you’ve been caught by this one.

The Referral Key also comes in from a familiar person. That friend got sucked in like I did on seeing that it looked pretty interesting, and was sent to me from someone I would trust. Hey, we should all be generous with each other on referring business…why not give it a try. Well, I got sucker punched and before I knew it, one click too many and an invitation to referral key was out to my linked in contact list.

Beware of the spam emails from someone you know. They may not appear as spam. They may appear as offers or introductions from your friends. I’m making my standard practice now a follow up query to my friends, to see if they actually have sent it to me. One quick check is to see if the email has actually come from your friend or whether it is grounded in the spam’s email. It might show up like ferg@referralkey, rather than my actual email. Beware.

The long and short of this one is that I did re-connect with many folks that I had not heard from in a while. Lots of people clicked for the referral opportunity without creating a profile (thankfully). Apologies if you got tagged by this spam and we can only hope that some constraints and penalties will prevent this from becoming an increasing concern on line.

Another great blog post about spam and referral key is located here.

Beware of the spam emails coming from someone you know. Check out if it is “really them”, be cautious, be wary and don’t turn over access to your contacts without being really sure that you want that service invading your world.

Cheers !  @FergDevins    @DevinsNetwork