Meeting the urologist

My first meeting with the urologist was February 5th, my cystoscopy took place on February 27th.

Debrief after Cystoscopy

After the cystoscopy you will get dressed and wait for the de-brief with your urologist (in my experience).

That first cystoscopy is truly the discovery examination. What’s going on in there? Is there anything to be found? Is there anything of interest? Is there anything to be followed up on?

In my case, my debrief with the resident intern and Dr. Kodama resulted in a very straight-forward matter of fact explanation that what they had seen was in fact two cancer tumours inside the bladder. At this point, you just find out that it looks like cancer.

Its Bladder Cancer

Naturally, as so many have said before me, when you hear the words cancer you hear nothing else. Your heart races, your mind races, the worst scenarios start popping into your mind.


Dr. Kodama then explained to me that he had seen this many times, understood that I would need to undergo an operation where the tumours would removed. He likely spoke about it being a TURBT. T U R B T stands for trans urethral resection of bladder tumour. It’s an operation to remove an early cancer in your bladder.

The doctor explained that they resect the tumour and margins around the tumour and then assess through pathology what we are facing.

Booking Surgery

He pulled out his surgical calendar and reviewed what dates were available. I interjected suggesting that perhaps I need to speak with my wife. Dr. Kodama understood that I would need to speak with my wife but suggested that it would not impact the fact that I needed to have surgery and rather than lose time let’s get it in the calendar. I agreed, my only condition being that I had a trip booked to Aruba, returning on the 23rd of March. We booked surgery for the 24th. I said I’d been tanned and hung over…smiles.

The operation was booked for March 24th – next blog to follow.

My reflection only…

NOTE: I re-state that this particular experience is my experience. Others may experience or have experienced other situations, diagnosis and follow-up. I’m just recounting my particular experience and the procedures and follow up that I personally experienced.