Your Journey

Remember those words your first heard “bladder cancer”. Your world was on hold, your mind was idle, your heart raced, your focus was gone for moments. Yet, you pulled through that initial diagnosis – determined your course of action and here you are today ready this blog post along your current journey with bladder cancer. You made it ! YOU are now a wonderful example of someone who has dealt with bladder cancer and is moving forward with your life. Yes there have been adaptations and bumps along the way, but  you have adapted and your are thriving as a bladder cancer survivor.

Spread the Learning

There is a unique opportunity for you to engage in the bladder cancer community and share your learning. After I had been introduced to Bladder Cancer Canada by a referral from the Inspire Network in the USA to Jack Moon – Co-Founder at Bladder Cancer Canada – I found the wonderful resources at BCC. I endeavoured to do a walk for bladder cancer in my summer community of Kenora, Ontario and went on to raise close to $50,000 dollars for the cause that year. (Thanks to my wonderful network of family, friends, former colleagues and acquaintances across Canada and around the world). My intent was to “give back” and do something to support the fine work at Bladder Cancer Canada – and to hopefully help others who might be facing this disease.

Here’s Hoping that YOU will Get Involved

I chose first to do a walk in Kenora. I always smile when I think of that story. I had called Bladder Cancer Canada and the Executive Director advised that there was a walk in Winnipeg – close by. I explained that I wasn’t going to make the two hour drive to walk in Winnipeg – I wanted to walk in my community with family and friends. We had a wonderful walk, I connected with family and friends AND I connected with other bladder cancer patients in Kenora!  The walk rose awareness and funds for BCC.

So…YOU…might find what you see as an opportunity to help generate awareness or raise funds for this worthy cause. OR…you might decide that you would like to volunteer as a peer to peer support person. These patients support patients along their journey. Let’s face it, you leave your doctor’s office with confidence in their medical care – but you have so many other questions and concerns that a patient can support “peer to peer”.

Perhaps you will WALK this year in the Bladder Cancer Canada Awareness Walk when Canada Walks for Bladder Cancer September 25th and 26th. (the site at will launch June 14th) Or perhaps you will partake in a patient information ZOOM call. Or perhaps you will help with one of the local Facebook pages on posting content. Or perhaps you can assist with French translation for the francophone community. Or perhaps you know of potential sponsors for our walk to call upon for support. Or perhaps you know of someone leading a foundation that might provide funding for our programs and or research. Or perhaps you will make yourself available to speak with a patient that has a similar profile to for support along their journey. There are endless opportunities for you to get involved.

Your Participation is Impactful

Just know that how you decide to get involved and whatever action you take will have IMPACT for Bladder Cancer Canada and for our patient community. Your participation is invaluable. We at Bladder Cancer Canada are truly only as strong as our volunteers and their support networks. Our success is based on the fact that we were Co-Founded by two patients and our focus has been on patient support from day one, along with awareness and funding reasearch. Patients are job one!

If you are interested in participating or connecting feel free to write me at We’ll find a role for you at BCC!

My Experience – So Worthwhile and Rewarding

After my walk efforts in Kenora I was recruited by Co-Founder David Guttman. We were going to meet for a coffee on Bayview and ended up enjoying a nice cold Molson Export together. So much happens after a refreshing ale! I joined the Board at BCC, then became National Walk Lead for a couple of years and have been the current Board Chair the past three years. I am so proud to be part of this vibrant group of volunteers. It is a great place to help make a difference. I hope more will join our efforts and get involved.