Bladder Cancer Canada Awareness Month

The month of May is #BadderCancer Awareness Month in Canada. This is the second year that Bladder Cancer Canada has declared the month of May as Bladder Cancer Canada Awareness month. We are delighted that Health Canada has also officially recognized our efforts this year.

Our campaign is all about shouting out and promoting that #YellowHelps. With #YellowHelps we are intent on reaching out to the 80,000 patients and their families across Canada to get them connected with us at Bladder Cancer Canada. You can also connect with us on Facebook at Bladder Cancer Canada – Cancer De La Vessie on our national page. We also have 20 Facebook community pages centered in our “Walk Communities” across Canada.

We are so thankful to members of the media across Canada who are supporting our efforts and in particular our partners at Corus Entertainment and their Global News Network.

#YellowHelps fight #bladdercancer

With our #YellowHelps campaign we are calling upon our volunteers, patients, families, urologists, oncologists, nurses, general practitioners and the public at large; to join with us to bring attention and awareness to this fifth most prevalent cancer in Canada. Did you know that #bladdercancer is the 4th most prevalent cancer amongst men in Canada and 12th for women? Yet, in funding, it is below 20th!

Some of the milestones this month will include a May 6th lighting of Niagara Falls in yellow, with a touch of red. On May 14th the CN Tower in Toronto will be lit yellow, with a touch of red. BC Place will also be lighting up yellow, with a touch of red at some point during the month.

I Survived

I am personally proud to shout out the #BladderCancer awareness activity through #yellowhelps as a bladder cancer survivor myself. I had two non-muscle invasive tumours removed in March of 2014 and have been diligently carrying out my follow-up cystoscopies and BCG treatments, since surgery. My check ups since surgery have remained”all clear”. I’ve taken the active step of getting involved with Bladder Cancer Canada as a board member and for the second year as National Walk Lead

Spread the Word

YOU can help us this month by helping to spread the word about #yellowhelps as part of our effort to raise awareness coast to coast to coast in Canada for #bladdercancer. Feel free to retweet @BladderCancerCA or post on Facebook. You can also gain more information and ideas about Bladder Cancer in Canada, and ways to support our awareness month of May at Perhaps you will decide to volunteer, join a forum or make a donation to support the fight against this disease.

Please help shout out awareness for #BladderCancer Canada by using our #YellowHelps hashtag across your social networks this month.

Thanks for helping us gain greater awareness for Bladder Cancer. And for wellness sake, if you See Red – See Your Doctor !  @FergDevins @DevinsNetwork