This might come across as a bit of a strange blog post for the Devins Network. Some might wonder why I’m writing about a cause on my business blog. Honestly, my business is all about community and generating and supporting conversations of possibility within that community.

Survivor Story

I am survivor of #BladderCancer. I was diagnosed in early 2014 with two non-invasive tumours. The terrific team at Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre in Toronto conducted the surgery and the treatment and follow up checks that have ensued since March 2014. My latest check up was an “all clear”…music to my ears…smiles. The “possibility” is that #BladderCancer can be detected early and fought back. There are many survivor stories post #bladdercancer detection.


Bladder Cancer is the 4th most prevalent cancer amongst men and 12th amongst women. That makes it the 5th most prevalent cancer in Canada. However – funding is below 20th.

Bladder Cancer Canada is devoted to raising awareness – which will help early detection and better chances of survival, patient and caregiver support – to help those with questions, anxiety and meeting the unknowns, and funding research to gain new insights and new opportunity to continue to battle against bladder cancer.

In my commitment and determination to help fight bladder cancer I have joined the Bladder Cancer Canada board of directors and I am “walk lead” for the second year of the walk to be held in Kenora Ontario.

Kenora Walk for Bladder Cancer

Last year through the Kenora walk we raised over $50,000. This year I’ve set the bar even higher at $75,000.

Take Action !

I am hopeful that friends, family, acquaintance, business associates, past patients, survivors, health care workers and the general public interested in helping this fight will join us September 27th. You can truly help make a difference through a donation, or by spreading the word about #BladderCancer or joining a walk in  your community in September. Jump on board for the Kenora Bladder Cancer Awareness Walk.

Thanks for helping make a difference in the fight against #Bladder Cancer.

Cheers !