This week has been nothing short of tragic and unbelievable as two men who were devoted to serving our country, standing for our freedom, devoted to peace and a better world were taken from us by two desperate misguided individuals.

In the face of these terrible crimes of terrorism on our own home soil we can only remain #CanadaStrong and #OttawaStrong.

Prayers and thoughts of thanks for their service to Canadians are extended to the family, loved ones, friends and neighbours of our slain military service men.

I know that many, me included, feel that our special societal, culture foundations have been somewhat violated and somewhat shaken by these two acts of terror on our home soil.

Let us remain #CanadaStrong #OttawaStrong in continuing to stand for all that Canada is in peace, in harmony, in a place where multi culturalism lives respecting one another as Canadians in a great land coast to coast to coast.

Let us continue to talk about our great country and our great service men and women who continue to take a stand for #CanadaStrong #OttawaStrong in serving their country in continuing to protect the rights and freedoms and all that we have like the generations of service men and women before them did in their earlier footsteps and battlefields.

Yes the world has changed. But the degree to which that change affects us is up to us. As we stand #CanadaStrong #OttawaStrong we can stand aligned, together – like that which was demonstrated by our elected officials today in the House of Parliament and in Provincial Legislatures. Although at times on opposing sides…not “enemies” in a place of democracy. A place where they work towards a common “good”.

Thanks be to our first responders, to our service men and women and to those who are challenged with determining how Canada plays on a world stage.

We are on a world stage and we will face worldly challenges and surprise. But as a nation, as a people with history and heritage we can stand together, work together, believe together in a #CanadaStrong #OttawaStrong.

A moment of silence for our fallen. A prayer for those who find themselves in harms way.

#CanadaStrong #OttawaStrong