Arising Confrontation

Have you been nagged by a follower? 

Has someone posted something that you disagree with?

Is there a comment posted in a journalist’s article that is just not factually correct?

Has someone spread something in social networks that is just not true?

Opportunities for Confronting Confrontation

Ok…this happens each and every day – particularly given the wide open gates of social media when everyone can express themselves where and when they choose. Personal opinion once expressed over dinner, at a bar or during a coffee break are now literally surfacing in “posts” all across the social networks.

This new reality does not mean that people have license to spread untruths. The reality is that these posts are surfacing everywhere. Being aware of this is an opening to ensure that there is lively debate, that the truth gets told, and that those who are not stating facts can be scrutinized and reigned in.

I’m not referring to differing perspectives and debate…let those colourful conversations continue. I am referring to posts by people that are just opinion and in many cases are not fact based or true. I am also referring to the angry customer that posts some scathing remark about a  brand or service, and is left unchecked.

Why should someone making a negative statement about you, your brand or your cause go unchecked ?

Get into the Conversation

In these situations I highly recommend that you confront the confrontation. What have you got to lose?  What you have to lose is that, if you do not confront the confrontation or “mistruths”, these perceptions and opinions become the new reality and the misperceived truth…replacing fact. Remember the old cliche that perception is reality. Who’s leading the perception ? The non factualy story tellers or the defenders of truth?

Don’t be shy. In a world of social media the truth should stand out above and beyond all emotional opinion because it is fact based and not just a stance that someone with an opposing view decides to place in social media. Get into the conversation.

In my experience I have found that in most instances when you confront the confrontation you are most likely to see a negative comment move towards neutral – a neutral comment become more favourable – and a positive comment become even more positive.

Let’s also remember that “social media” is stronger when there is actually dialogue and conversation. It’s not just a broadcast network, it offers dialogue.

I have had many new opportunities for dialogue to arise when I have stepped into the conversation where I have taken a position to confront the confrontation.

Give it a try and let me know how you make out.

Cheers !  FERG @FergDevins @DevinsNetwork