A special glow on city streets as the setting sun retires each day during the holiday season…so many cranes in Toronto…wonderful to see how some of those with the spirit of the season at heart have lit up the horizon with lights on their cranes – well done!

The title of this post says it all. What a joyful sight it is to see construction cranes in cities and towns with Christmas lights strung across the structures. Someone must have to take credit for starting this idea, and it is so wonderful to see that so many construction companies have adopted this celebration of the season.

Like Neil Pasricha mentions in his “The Book of (Holiday) Awesome”, “they’re not selling anything. Nope, Christmas lights on construction sites just smile down on the city and cover us all in a warm and festive light”

Thanks to those who have taken the time, the expense and the risk of adorning cranes with these special Christmas and holiday treats on our cityscapes and town horizons. You certainly help put a punch of awesome into our happiness this season.

It is also wonderful to see so many “surprise trees and lights” in parks and on boulevards around the city this season. It is a demonstration of community spirit and people reaching out so make this season just a little more special in the face of the pandemic. Thanks for your community spirit everyone.