OK OK – we we need to give ourselves a little bit of wiggle room during the Christmas and holiday season for a few seasonal treats – we are thankful for the special rationing of Christmas fruit cake and that special blend of nuts and bolts made by mom – just simply incomparable. What’s your favorite treat of the season?

Today’s post through a thought generated by Neil Pasricha’s “Book of (Holiday) Awesome” reminds us of the careful attention we need to pay to the next month and our diets. But the season won’t break the belt line – indulge a bit for goodness sake.

The holiday season just seems to bring a lot of extra “eats” into play. Cookies, Chocolates, nuts and bolts (thanks mom), candy canes, Swiss Chalet Festive Special, shortbread, rum balls, Christmas fruit cake, Christmas pudding all seem to make their way to our dining room or coffee tables.

We can resist, oh yes we can. We can also enjoy a small indulgence here or there (or not). Although it might seem somewhat artificial in sweetening up the season. It can be truly awesome.

I must say I am enjoying the Starbuck’s Ginger Break Lattes this season. Non fat, no foam, no whip cream, nutmeg on top and just one pump or syrup. Vincent on Mount Pleasant remembers my name and order – how bad is that – HO HO HO.

Watch that sugar intake. Happy Holidays !