Isn’t the wonderful world wide web a terrific place to learn ! The fact is that, whether it’s a on YouTube or via google search, you can learn just about anything at anytime.

In my corporate world days, I tended to follow a few folks that I found to be leaders in their field. With respect to social media and all things social, I have continued to follow @ChrisBrogan and @RobHatch and the programs and thought leadership that they have created in recent years.

These guys speak my language. They truly believe in community. They are committed to the community that they wish to serve. The are authentic and stand for “real” conversations in the space. They are straight shooters and have a good sense of humour too. They truly believe in “you” and the challenges that you have in your business in exploring and building your work and enterprise. If you have the mind of an entrepreneur or are living the life of the entrepreneur…you are going to truly appreciate these lads.

I subscribe to a number of Chris and Rob’s offerings and will be recommending their works from time to time.

Given the opportunities and the provocations that they have instilled with with me, I’m delighted to have the Devins Network be an affiliate of “Owner”.

One impressive course offered by Chris and Rob is the “On Line Course Maker” that enables you to determine the best way to put your expertise and ability to teach to work for you, on line. The tips and tricks and outline that they will provide is not only a starter, you’ll be pretty well complete on offering “your course” on line.

Check it out. I know that you will be sure to get a return on your investment. Cheers to this terrific opportunity to learn. Let me know what you think.

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