Being a father. Appreciating all that is Fathers Day.

Joy of seeing our new borns grow through the years of pre-school, primary education, secondary education, post seconday pursuits and transforming into being young adults.

Pride in seeing the accomplishments of our children as they grow, learn, struggle, achieve, fail, win, explore and gain their independence over the years.

Love for children in good times and in bad…when there is nothing that they can do that won’t have you there for them in their time of need.

Support for them in times of need, when seeking opportunities, when discovering themselves, when learning how to manage their lives, their affairs, their relationships, their careers.

As a father one can also better appreciate what it was like for our dad, his dad and his dad and how they were all their for the next generation of sons and daughters.

A toast to all dad’s on this #FathersDay.