…in early 2014 I was diagnosed with Bladder Cancer. I am very fortunate that I caught it very early. Two tumours were removed in March, classified as “non invasive” yet “high grade cancer”. 6 “BCG” treatments completed in the spring, maintenance treatments to follow in August and hopefully i’ve got this thing in check and ready to beat cancer…like so many others have. But the wake up call has certainly prompted me to think about causes. BeCause of this personal situation that I’m facing I can pour my energy and efforts into helping to make a difference in raising awareness about Bladder Cancer, so that others might benefit from early detection or from science that can help fight this disease.

I’m also choosing to be open about my journey. I respect that many may wish to keep silent, keep it personal, not share. My purpose is to be open, share and be on a journey of raising awareness to help others who may be facing a similar challenge, and to lead fund raising and research to help battle this particular cancer.

With love and support from family and friends, and a world class team at Sunnybrook Health Sciences in Toronto I feel confident looking forward on this new “path”, but I want to also help to make a difference for others who face similar battles, or for those who are still not even aware of this cancer. I must say that I was not aware of Bladder Cancer and how rampant it is, until it become a personal battle for me.

To help this cause I have started a Bladder Cancer Awareness Walk in Kenora to coincide with the National Bladder Cancer Awareness walk weekend in Canada. I have been overwhelmed by the generous support of so many thus far. I had set an initial target of $5000. Overnight we landed more than $8000 in pledges. Thus…I have continued to “raise the bar” on the target goal for my fundraising and for the event.

Bladder Cancer is the fifth most prevalent cancer in Canada, but funding is not at par. We need to continue to raise awareness to get the research and remedies to fight this cancer. I am hoping that in reading this post you might also join us by participating in supporting me or others in the Kenora community on our walk on September 21st, or check out the national site and see where you might be able to walk or donate closer to your own community.

Or…perhaps this post is simply stimulus for you to think of where you might take the challenge to help make a difference in your community, for a cause that is near and dear to your heart, or loved one or friend…just BeCause.  Thanks and Cheers !  @FergDevins