In 2007 I was prompted to go on Twitter by @MolsonTonia. At first I went on with a handle that was something like @lakesummers. At the time I was thinking I’d go on Twitter and just see what it was like. Fact is, who would ever have found me as @lakesummers (accept for the fellow Lake of the Woods cottagers that would have got that over a beer…). So I quickly adopted the profile of @MolsonFerg which was my official business account as the Chief Corporate Affairs Officer, allowing me to be human in social networks yet on message for the company. After 30 years at Molson and onto new frontiers with The Devins Network Inc. I migrated my followers to @FergDevins and also created @DevinsNetwork. Interestingly enough, I may end up shutting down  profile @DevinsNetwork since I’m not sure if I need one for me and one for my business. And I’ve also kept @KenoraFerg up and running which I had created as a “personal” profile. Too much duplication perhaps. Essentially all three are “me” so I need not add another channel to manage. So…all that…the critical thing to consider is your “purpose” for being on Twitter. Do you have other social networks for your business ? Or if you are in a company, do you have a clear social networking role to play for your company ? Are you a spokesperson or a brand ambassador or a lightning rod on public opinion ? Are you the CEO or CMO with an opinion that the public or your consumers might actually want to hear about ? Do you want to separate business from personal ? Or…do you have a hobby that your Twitter profile represents, or a special project like @ConeyMusicFest. All of these questions point to a purpose. And I think it is critical that you define that purpose or else it will just be like having another phone number that you really don’t turn on or answer with regularity, and that will actually be a negative cloud over you and your business, if you cease to be active. I have found Twitter to be a great place to meet people with similar interests, connect with a broader community, network with thought leaders, follow things I’m interested in (even if they don’t follow me back), make a list of interests and follow them as groups and be an interesting authentic human in a world of communications that can get all too stale with the “messaging”, that so many still find necessary to convey. Naturally these are simply my own opinions on how I’ve worked within Twitter. Others likely have other opinions. Love to hear those ! Gladly chat further with you, if you’d like to give Twitterville a try. Cheers @FergDevins