Two simple words. “Good morning”, seems to be pretty easy to convey. What really struck me, on Tuesday morning, was the less than 50% response rate that I received as I proceeded on an early morning walk through mid Toronto. OK, the sun wasn’t quite up, it was pretty darn cold, the wind was blowing and between scarves and headphones people are a little distracted…but less than 50% saying good morning back or, at the very least, a grunt ! This isn’t the first time I’ve noticed this kind of lack of basic interaction. I’ve seen it in other commnunities as well, when I’ve taken to a morning walk. I just wonder what holds someone back from a basic return of “good morning”. Not to judge too quickly…someone might have had a bad day, a rough start, missed breakfast, dealing with a job they don’t like, an issue with their finances, missing a loved one, lost a loved one, facing a personal crisis, dealing with a health issue. All of that said my good morning is truly intended to just ride in over all of that as a good morning wish to my community. Heck…the dogs I’ve seen are better than 50% at wagging their tales and sniffing each others…ya right ! I’m going to keep pushing my good morning greeting – maybe it will offer someone hope or put a smile on a face or help lift someone from a depressed or distressed thought. And oh yes, thanks for the good morning greeting back from those who reciprocated. You helped me get a great start to a good morning. @FergDevins