The three words say it all. It is a day for Canadians to stand tall and be proud of our heritage and our country, it is Canada Day. It is also a day when many “new Canadians” officially become citizens of the country and no doubt it is a day of joy for them and their families. Without a doubt, one of the most spectacular places to be on July 01 for Canada Day is Ottawa, the nation’s capital. Although I won’t be there this year. Friends will be celebrating #CanadasGame Hockey in Canada with the #CenturyTour Caravan and I know that they will be in awe of the celebrations.

Canada Day is a day for family, friends, neighbours and visitors to celebrate all that is Canada. This vast country from coast to coast to coast offers so much diversity. The vastness and magnificence of our land is reflected in the cultural diversity of our people and the geographic diversity of the country. From the rockies, to the prairies, the far north and its people and tranquility, the wonderful forests rivers and lakes of Northwestern Ontario, the hussle and bussle of southern Ontario, attractions large and small that stretch across the country, the lakes and rivers and parklands in rural and urban settings, truly historic cityscapes of Montreal and Quebec City, the hospitality of the Maritime provinces or the warmth and happiness that permeates from Newfoundland and Labrador – Canada has it all. Along the longest non defended border the rivers and lakes flow north and south across this great land.

On this Canada Day we can celebrate all that is Canada. Give thanks for those who have built this country. Canada Day is a day that we can celebrate our rights and freedoms and those who have fought to help us maintain those rights and freedoms.

Canada Day is also a day to be active. It’s a day to enjoy this great land, outdoors or indoors – whatever one’s pleasure may be.

As I write this quick blog this morning I look out at my flag pole to a blustery morning on Lake of the Woods, drizzle flying by in a northwest wind and lake that seems to have finally started to drop after some of the highest water levels in more than eight decades. But, I look out and see such beauty in the shore line knowing that today’s celebration with family and friends will be a great day to remember – because regardless of the weather we will celebrate Canada Day with family and friends and give thanks for all that we have in this great land and its people.

Happy Canada Day !  @FergDevins