#Happy Holidays

Wishing you and yours the very best for happy holidays this festive season. 2015 was quite a fascinating year for the Devins Network. Thanks to our “associates” for a great year of accomplishment. Your efforts are truly appreciated ! Merci tous. We are also mindful that many are experiencing difficulties, at this time of year. Let’s make an effort to comfort those in need, both physically and mentally.

Thanking Our Clients 

Molson Coors remains central to our business as we support the oldest continuously operating brewery in the America’s with a number of initiatives. It was also a milestone year for the founding Molson Family as seventh generation family member Geoff Molson assumed the gavel for the next two years as Chairman of the company. We wrapped up our coast to coast to coast National Tour #CenturyTour with Hockey Canada. It was truly an awesome experience and such an honour and pleasure to work with this magnetically powerful brand in our country. The team at Hockey Canada headquarters, the grassroots organization and those players that play for the @HockeyCanada brand are to be toasted for the wonderful past time they perpetuate as Canada’s Game. Into the summer months it was terrific to lend a hand to the folks at Casey’s in Kenora with their news of sale and new horizons. Wishing everyone there a terrific holiday season full of fine food and responsible drinking. Our friends at Trespass Canada continue to build their brand across Canada at retail. We were delighted to assist with their voice and profile in social networks through 2015. It was a pleasure continuing to work with the fine folks at InMarket on a number of initiatives throughout the year. No doubt their plans for NBA hospitality in the new year with MLSE will be a much talked about venue. @HealthHarmonies continues to grow at a frenetic pace as they provide care to those in need of pain relief and quick recovery. Jackie and Kim have a terrific studio happening in Newmarket and are building quite a following. It was a unique opportunity in Fort Frances to work with the Economic Development team in engaging conversation about all things “social networks” for Main Street and small town businesses. Main street businesses across this great land have great opportunities for their businesses by embracing what might be possible, through social network deployment. We worked with a few political campaigns through various elections this year. There are certainly a lot of untapped possibilities for elected officials to pursue through truly engaging in harvesting their social networks.

Supporting our Community

On the philanthropic front I had some wonderful conversations with young aspiring professionals through Ten Thousand Coffees. I enjoyed these mentoring conversations in assisting youth in pursuing their dreams. It was a pleasure to have served on the Vimy Foundation dinner committee – particularly as we get closer to the major celebrations at Vimy in 2017. Karen and Jerry at KIM continue to have a winning fundraising model – congrats ! I have been proud to continue to serve on the Greenwood College School Board of Directors. The new building under construction will be transformational for the school as they continue to build character through their staff and students. I led the Bladder Cancer Awareness Walk in Kenora again this year, with thanks to my  network coast to coast to coast raising almost $100,000 through the Kenora Walk cumulatively the past two years – supporting an overall accomplishment of over $505,000 nationally this year. As a member of the Board of Directors of Bladder Cancer Canada – I have accepted the task of National Walk Lead heading into 2016. I look forward to keeping up the momentum established by previous Lead Ken Bagshaw.I also have the pleasure of serving on the Communications Committee for Bladder Cancer Canada and appreciate the fine work carried out by suppliers at Raisin for the Walk site, Re-Shift Media for Facebook tools, Volterra for ongoing community management and LMA Communications for website oversight and development. I’m also fortunate to be surrounded by wonderful volunteers at Bladder Cancer Canada. A team that I am proud to be part of.

The Seventh “Maybe Annual” Coney Island Music Festival was another smashing hit. Bill and Deb Wallace, Michael and Cheryl O’Flaherty and our team of volunteers look forward to the eighth “Maybe Annual” Sunday July 24th, 2016. I had the pleasure of presenting at Kenora Rotary in September acknowledging what it takes to create and sustain a volunteer based free event that draws 1600 people to Coney Island on Lake of the Woods each summer.

Coaching, Counsel and Giving

I enjoyed meeting with the leadership at Food for the Poor and lending a few hours of counsel as they build their board for the future. Apathy Is Boring can take a bow for helping to get the youth vote out in 2015. They’ve got a terrific proposition and no doubt they will continue with great momentum with elections to follow. I enjoyed speaking with Ottawa U Alumni on “social networking” in autumn 2015. As an “alumni parent” it was a pleasure to engage with the Dean of the Telfer School and guests. Jack.org continues to ply an important path in engaging youth and raising awareness for those facing mental health issues. Hats off to Eric Windeler – Sandra Hanington and team for your efforts, in memory of Jack. It is also a pleasure to lend support to the Making Waves Ottawa team. Helena Devins continues her volunteerism with this organization and we are proud to support these efforts in helping challenged youth learn how to swim.

Supporting Social Cast of Characters

I so appreciate the work of Chris Brogan and Rob Hatch and all that they do through their work at Owner Media. I also enjoy keeping updated on all things “communications” through the inspiring works of Jay Baer, Christopher Penn, Ryan Deiss, Ian Cleary, Tod Maffin, Jamie Turner, Josh Turner, John Nemo, Amber Ludwig-Vilhauer and James Altucher. Some good reading amongst that crew ! Lou Clements, a true friend and a pro at career counselling. If you’re at that stage, be sure to check his services out. Thanks also to David and Cornelius at JIB for our site re-design this year…simpler – better…smiles. Last, not least – Rob Campbell and his SEO expertise.

Towards 2016

What will 2016 bring !? We can all work hard to play a part for greater #peace in our world. We are so fortunate to live in Canada, with our tolerance for differences and acceptance of such magnificent diversity. The Devins Network looks forward to working with our existing clients and on new opportunities that will come our way in the new year. We will continue to foster goodwill and strong sense of community. Wishing you and yours the very best. Happy Holidays ! @FergDevins @DevinsNetwork