As Hockey Canada celebrates their 100th year as an organizing body in Canada (December 4th was the official 100th date), the #CenturyTour caravan continues to make its way back and forth across this great nation.

Since June 26th, the #CenturyTour caravan has been travelling to festivals, events, communities and hockey events across this vast and magnificent land – Canada.

One element of the #CenturyTour is the Canadian Tire Hero of Play award. It is presented to “behind the scenes people” across Canada that are the heart and soul of #CanadasGame – the volunteer.

Heroes of Play speckle this great country of ours. In hockey, these heroes of play can show up in many different aspects of the game. They may be coaches that tirelessly support the ongoing development of tikes through to later years of high school play. They may be the tournament organizors that help bring together teams from across a region or from far away to take in #CanadasGame. They may be the team management that help to keep all of the ins and outs and systems running to ensure a smooth running organization to support the kids or hockey organizations in a community. They might be the officials and officiating staff who run the clinics and training and development behind the scenes, in score keeping or on the ice officiating. They may be the moms and dads who come together as a community to support the game and its youth and take on the challenge of fundraising and community support for our grassroots teams. They may be that passionate organisor in the community that, beyond the organized youth hockey, keep adults young and old and seniors playing the game in recreational leagues coast to coast to coast. Or, they may even be the head volunteer for a major international event such as the world junior hockey championships that were held in Toronto and Montreal over the 2014-15 holiday season in December/January.

Regardless of who “they” are, the Canadian Tire Heroes of Play are worthy of our thanks, particularly humble in their acceptance and so clearly passionate about the stories they have to tell about their experience in bringing Canada our game.

Hats off to all of the volunteers and those involved in #CanadasGame who are truly all heroes of play in keeping this sport alive and well and getting more kids and families involved in Hockey in Canada. Thanks to Canadian Tire and Hockey Canada for recognizing some of these heroes of play in Canada’s game.

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