December 4th is a memorable day for #CanadasGame, with Hockey Canada celebrating 100 years as an organizing body in Canada. With hockey as such a significant sport in our heritage and DNA as a nation, it is wonderful milestone to be sure, in Canada.

At the Devins Network we have been proud to be supporting the Hockey Canada #CenturyTour caravan , as it has been criss crossing the nation since June 26th.The #CenturyTour has been visiting communities, festivals and events. We have been to communities large and small, through celebrations already established and at a number of official Hockey Canada events in Canada. December 4th marks a mid way point for #CenturyTour as the caravan will continue to weave its way across Canada through to the end of May. Check out when it is coming to your community through regular updates on the Hockey Canada site.

The #CenturyTour is made possible by the tremendous support that it has received from its partners at Heritage Canada, Canadian Tire, Respect Group, Samsung Canada, and TELUS.

IMG_8772We wish the team at Hockey Canada and all of its associates from coast to coast to coast the very best, December 4th, as Hockey Canada celebrates 100 years.

Hockey Canada is a remarkable network of volunteers, leaders, thought leaders, officials, coaches, parents, supporters and partners that, through their joint efforts, keep this wonderful sport of hockey alive and well adn continuing to grow as #CanadasGame. Congrats on the richness of programs that you provide.

So happy birthday, happy anniversary @HockeyCanada. May the next 100 years bring with it the joy that this nation has witnessed through #CanadasGame and may we continue as a nation to cheer on our national teams and continue to have the opportunity to take part. We can all take part, whether playing the game, supporting our kids or family who partake, sponsoring, volunteering or just spectating with a big heart for what has become known as #CanadasGame.  Cheers to another 100 years Hockey Canada !  @FergDevins @DevinsNetwork.