Survivor / Thriver

My journey with bladder cancer started back in early 2014. I had discomfort in my back. My acupuncturist suggested that it was not muscular and I should see my doctor and request tests. After urine, blood and ultra-sound there was nothing peculiar showing up. Upon returning to my acupuncturist and visiting my Muscle Activation Technique therapist, the acupuncturist suggested I return to my doctor and suggest more tests. At that time my GP scheduled me for at CT scan. Sure enough…the CT scan showed something in the bladder. I was booked in with my urologist – Ron Kodama at Sunnybrook Hospital – and he then booked me for a cystoscopy (up the urethra with a camera to take a look inside the bladder). During the cystoscopy Dr. Kodama noticed two peculiar sites. As it turned out they were two high grade tumours, non-muscle invasive bladder cancer. I was in for a TURBT in March of 2014 and then followed up with 18 BCG treatments for up to nearly two years. Gladly, I can say that I got my bladder cancer early, I kept my bladder,  and I have been “all clear” ever since. I now return for an annual cystoscopy to ensure that everything remains in check. Surviving and thriving.

Why I Walk

Bladder Cancer Canada and their team and available resources supported me along my journey. Jack Moon, a co-founder of Bladder Cancer Canada was the first contact that I had in Canada. When I had run my first walk in Kenora, Ontario – David Guttman, another co-founder of Bladder Cancer, and I met and he invited me to audit a board meeting. After the board meeting I became a board member, following that as National Walk Lead and these past three years Volunteer Chair of the Board at Bladder Cancer Canada.

We Save Lives

Through our devoted volunteers and staff, Bladder Cancer Canada delivers support to our patient community – raises awareness about the disease and our support programs and funds important research through our Medical Advisory and Research Board and the Bladder Cancer Canada Research Network.

YOUR SUPPORT of MY WALK ensures that we can fulfill on our mandate, year after year.

Please Support My Walk this year

I hope that you will consider supporting my walk this year. I respect and appreciate that times are difficult in the face of COVID-19. If you are making your plans for charitable donations in 2021 – I hope that you might include a donation to Bladder Cancer Canada’s Awareness Walk. My personal walk / team page is at FERG DEVINS FAMILY AND FRIENDS .

It would be awesome if you could support my walk – it would be even more awesome if you actually registered to be part of the team. We are hoping that Canadians coast to coast to coast will join our walk this year – register and help raise awareness about bladder cancer with our family friends and neighbours.

Thank You !

Sincere thanks for sticking with me along this journey. Your support is truly inspiring, valued and impactful.