In this “guest blog” provided by the folks at they cover some of the unique modelling that exists today in meeting the challenge of meeting the needs of employees. Some wonderful insights along the path to retaining your finest.


Traditional management strategies weren’t always meant to improve employee happiness, but worker well-being almost always aligns with productivity. It’s important to provide an impactful employee experience and allow them to feel seen and recognized for their contributions.

On the other hand, it can be tough to balance the needs of your employees with the needs of your business. Keeping these tips in mind will help you develop more employee-friendly practices while simultaneously improving performance.


More than ever, employees want to feel involved in their company’s mission and have open communication at all levels. Transparency is an important aspect of a strong company culture, which helps top-down communications, and vice versa, while also promoting an overall healthier work environment.

You’ll notice higher levels of productivity when your employees feel that their voices are being heard. Schedule regular meetings to gather feedback from employees and let them know what you can do to help—it’s important for everyone to work toward a set of shared goals.

Develop Your Talent

Employees are changing jobs more often than ever before, and businesses need to focus on minimizing turnover and helping their existing workers develop skills. Work closely with each employee to create a career path that gives them opportunities for advancement within your business.

Assisting each employee’s career development improves makes room for personal development and shows that you’re invested in their growth. It also helps you identify the right employee for each position and make more in-house promotions because employees are far more productive when their role is in alignment with their strengths.

Internal promotions cost less and tend to be more effective in their first few years on the job. Continuity with each employee makes your business run more smoothly at all levels, and it shows new hires that they could have a long-term future with your company.

Move Away from Cash Rewards

Extra cash might sound like the best option for gifts and performance rewards, but your employees will be more interested in unique experiences. Money will most likely go to something like groceries, while a truly useful or interesting reward will be more memorable.

Similarly, individual feedback is a lot more effective than conventional numbers-based standards that don’t consider the personal element. Show your employees that you notice their performance and want to see them reach their fullest potential. By simply showing your appreciation, both privately and in front of others, you are actively creating a culture of belonging. 

Plan Team Events

Interacting with your employees outside of work improves communication and helps everyone get to know each other on a deeper level. While happy hours and team lunches all make for great offsites, company or departmental retreats can provide incredible moments of bonding that the team might not otherwise experience. 

What’s important is that you spend time with your employees and make being part of your team a positive experience. It’s hard to be productive when you don’t look forward to seeing your coworkers or feel like your contribution is being overlooked.

Employees are most effective when they’re happy and fulfilled, and improving your company culture will have a similar effect on performance. These tips will help you create a better work experience for your employees and can greatly increase everyone’s collective productivity.

Ferg’s Closing Thoughts

A critical engine to retaining employees is an open dialogue between management and staff.  An employee who knows what opportunities exist for them will be an inspired employee.  An employer that understands the aspirations of one’s employees will be an employer who is prepared to fulfil on their dreams and desires within that organization. Wishing one and all a great end to the summer and back to school/work these coming weeks.