A salut to Team Canada as they prepare for Sochi ’14 and the eyes of the nation ensure that our cable and/or online subscriptions are up to date for the Winter Olympic window. At Molson Coors Canada (client) they had undertaken a unique opportunity with the Molson Canadian Fund a Champion program to support ten athletes in pursuit of their Olympic dreams. Nine of the ten athletes, that Molson Coors supported with a $10,000 grant each, have fulfilled on their Olympic dream and will be competing for Canada.

You can follow them on Twitter, Lenny Valjas – Cross Country Skiing @lennyvaljas, Philipe Marquis Freestyle Skiing Moguls @MarquisPhil, Jessica Hewitt Shortrack speed skating @pookaleany, Genevieve Lacasse Hockey @glacasse31, Eric Radford Figure Skating Pairs @Rad85E, Georgia Simmerling Ski Cross @gsimmerling, Cody Sorensen Bobsleigh @Codes11 , Sarah Reid Skeleton @skellyrider, Keltie Hansen Free Style Skiing Half Pipe @Keltieh and a toast to the next games and his ongoing competitions Laurent Dubreuil Long Track @Golden_Lyle who missed out by a 5 – 100ths of a second in long track. You might appreciate his wonderful reflection on the very dissapointing moment in his heartfelt interview on cbc.ca here. It’s but one example of the challenge that these individuals face in their ongoing competition and on the track to the Olympic games. No doubt he now sets his sights on 2018 and we wish him and all our athletes the very best of health and support on their journies. The passion, the journey, the sweat, personal sacrifice and gruelling preparation that these role models demonstrate is truly remarkable. A toast to our total “Team Canada” as they ready themselves for their journey of a lifetime and the memories that they will bring to all of us as we witness the competition in Sochi. Cheers to Canada’s Team at the Winter Olympics 2014. @FergDevins