With the election in Ontario called, it is fascinating to see how conversations now shift to who we want to lead this province into the future. At coffee shops, bar tables, cocktail lounges, athletic clubs, buses, subways, urban or rural trails, on the waterways or a walk in your community – you will no doubt start to muse with family, friends and acquaintances about the unfolding campaign.

Many will choose to comment, remark and complain about the past and the present and stop there. The opportunity, truly, is for people to pick up the phone, or check out a campaign social network and call step up to get involved. Each and every party (links here) whether Progressive Conservative, Liberal, NDP or Green will gladly welcome a new volunteer to their campaign. OR, perhaps you would like to work for Elections Ontario in a roll during the election. They have a site as well.

So this mini “post” is really just to provide you with a quick link to those party web sites so that you might think about how you can engage in this June 12 election. I guarantee you will learn much and more importantly, you will have had an active impact on the decision to elect the next provincial government to lead our province forward.  Cheers @FergDevins