The Poppy campaign for 2014 in Canada was launched by the Royal Canadian Legion on October 31st.  They hope that 18 million poppies will be worn this year across Canada.

The Poppy may have a slightly different meaning this year as we think of our two fallen soldiers here on our home soil in the past few weeks.

The Poppy has transcended many years of “remembrance” of those who have given for Canada in times of war. We remember the fallen. We remember those who committed and sacrificed greatly so that we can enjoy the freedom and liberty and democratic society of which we so fortunate to have today.

The Poppy may have different meanings to different generations. Those near to a century old may remember their loved ones, friends, family, neighbours who fought in the war and never returned. We have but a few vets from the World Wars left alive to remind us of those who fought and returned, leaving so many fellow soldiers behind.

The Poppy may mean that a parent, uncle neighbour or local retailer never returned home from war in their generation. And, in fact, they may have been old enough to serve in a reserve but not have served in the war.

The Poppy may have meaning in that a grand parent, or great uncle or aunt served in a war.

The Poppy may have meaning because of the conflicts that have emerged in the past few decades and the ever present service of our military in these emerging conflicts and the losses that our country has witnessed in recent years.

The Poppy nonetheless is a symbol of remembrance. That we may not forget the sacrifice that our military have made for Canada.

Lest we forget those who have served Canada. The Poppy can offer hope that those who have served and fallen might not have done so without their legacy possibly being a path towards more peace and harmony in the world today and into the future.

The poppy is a symbol of remembrance and thanks, perhaps it can also be a symbol of our prayers for peace and harmony in a world with so much conflict.

Wear the poppy with pride and support of the families of our fallen.