Queen’s Spirit

Ah – the spirit of Queen’s University. The strength of continuing the spirit of the tricolour is founded in the successful recruitment and engagement of alumni volunteers over 175 years. I have the pleasure of continuing to support my class of Arts and Science 1984 as a coordinator for our reunions. I was honoured to have served as Queen’s Alumni President in 1995-96. Although there has been much change on campus over multiple decades, the spirit, bond and community of Queen’s and it’s school spirit persists.

Volunteer Summit April 7-8

The Alumni Association introduced the notion of a “volunteer summit” a couple of years ago.

The Queen’s Alumni Volunteer Summit takes place April 7-8 at the Donald Gordon Centre near west campus in Kingston Ontario.

The weekend is a wonderful opportunity for volunteers to gather, share ideas, re-connect and get tooled up for their branches and class reunions. The event involves a cross section of alumni through the decades. Branch representatives from around the world congregate to discover opportunities to better connect with fellow alumni.

The summit includes presentations and workshops led by the Queen’s University Alumni executive, staff, subject matter experts and guest faculty. During the weekend, the Alumni Awards gala takes place to honour those and their service to the Queen’s community.

Be Sure to Attend

If you are involved in your class reunions, branch activities or curious about how you might like to re-connect with the Queen’s community as a volunteer, be sure to seek further information and consider attending the volunteer summit. Yes, there will be an Oil Thigh…smiles. @FergDevins @DevinsNetwork