Meet Rita

Rita Winkler is the niece of a life-long friend of mine, Mark Winkler. She is the grand daughter of former Mayor of Kenora, Ontario – Kelvin Winkler. They name may be familiar given the recognition that the City of Kenora gave to Kelvin’s work and legacy in his community – Winkler Harbourfront Park on Bernier Drive.

Rita is an inspiration for us all. Her art is a special gift to the world.

She gives back to her community through her work and through her art.

Rita’s Book Launch

Rita is launching her new childrens’ book “My Art, My World” – You can PRE-ORDER with this link.

Rita Winkler is a young woman living with Down syndrome. In My Art, My World she shows us the world as she sees it: a place full of joy, colour, and the delight of life with her family and friends.

Approaching her daily life with enthusiasm and a dry sense of humour, Rita rides public transit to her job working at a university coffee shop. She takes yoga and folk dance classes and enjoys art, drama, and music at a day program. When it’s time to celebrate holidays and the birthdays of those she loves, Rita likes to mark the occasions with paintings and handmade cards.

I have had the pleasure of receiving one of her early edition books and some beautiful hand made cards that she included as a thank you.

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