OK, if you are the on line “monitor” for posts about U-Haul, you can breathe a sigh of relief, because this post is going to be nothing but kudos, cheers, a toast and a big hooray for your team !

What is service? To me, it is as simple as a promise or contract that is made between the service provider and the customer. That promise or contract would assume that at a very high level everything should go according to each others’ “plan” or “assumptions”.

Moving my daughter in Ottawa last weekend, I had the need to lease a U-Haul van for transportation. I booked on line, which was an easy peasy experience (still don’t know why they don’t require a deposit but not fussed). I booked on line, had it confirmed for downtown Ottawa, and then a few days before heading down, it showed as confirmed for Richmond Ontario. (30 minute drive from downtown).  I called the original location, pulled up the rez number and they passed me on to the dispatch, located in Montreal. The agent on line in Montreal advised that I wanted it for “two days” and that the only two day avail was Richmond. I exclaimed that this was crazy and that I would look at alternate times to make my vehicle pick up and drop off closer to downtown.

When we arrived in Ottawa Friday, I called dispatch again to be advised that they had left me a message on my voice mail (which being a social networker I hardly check, shame on me). However, the agent had worked to resolve my situation and find me something closer to downtown. We seemed to locate something downtown, as long as I didn’t have to tie it up for two days. That was easy, four to six hours would fit the need. We locked in for the rental, thanks all around and we continued to do chores. THEN, I got an email notification Saturday morning that my vehicle was ready for pick up. Whoops ! I forgot to re-adjust the rez date and time to Sunday morning. Back to dispatch, and they were just outstanding in working with me. The original location was not going to be open Sunday, so I had to book with an agent in Gatineau. Bit of a long cab ride, but I needed the van.

Cab ride out, cab ride back but I had a great van. The agent in Gatineau was there at 8am sharp. I got into Ottawa, did the moves and got the van back to Gatineau on time. I’d asked the agent if he’d like a coffee. He said no thanks doesn’t drink coffee after noon, just Diet Coke. You can imagine I landed him a Diet Coke !

So…I was likely a nightmare as a “client” but U-Haul was simply masterful in managing my foul ups and landing me what I needed to get the job done. Needless to say, I was happy to tweet my satisfaction and fill in the follow up survey. That was the other impressive follow up that I noted in their software, booking, confirmation, follow up, survey receipts etc. To cap it all off, and one thing that I’m a huge believer in, U-Haul has terrific “listening” on Twitter. They are quick to respond and direct in their follow up.  Just a truly smooth top rate customer experience. Thanks U-Haul !  @FergDevins