One constant “theme” in conversations that I’ve been having with friends and community leaders over the past few weeks has been what I am referring to as a strategic social media gap. Those who know me might wonder why I’d be casting some kind of doubt or negativity on the wonderful world of social media. Actually, I see a world of opportunity in what I see as the strategic gap. The gap I am referring to is the gap that exists between those that are “doing” social media and those that just expect it to “get done”. Many refer to their family “twenty something” member that will handle it for them, or the “twenty something” member of the PR or marketing team that handles the social media “stuff”. What gap I’m seeing is that the “twenty something” leading the social media conversation is delivering a fairly important strategic pillar in the company, not for profit, small business or individuals’s communications plan. The voice of social media is as pure and representative of the brand as an old fashioned print ad in a daily newspaper. The voice is live, and  likely on or present 24 hours and seven days a week if you want it to be. The voice is passionate, caring and loving that they are the spokesperson for the brand. Frankly this social media voice is no different that what we would have trained as official “spokesperson” for the company a few years back. And…think of the hours invested and professionals that we brought in for media training of our corporate or brand spokespersons ! So my challenge would be to make sure you give due respect to that “twenty something” that is handling the strategic voice of your brand and company, community entity. Yes they are doing a great job. Yes they are managing it well. Yes it would be great if you got a little closer to it to give them the support they need and perhaps learn a little bit about what conversations are going on out there good, bad or indifferent. There might also be more strategy that can be brought to those conversations by understanding a little more about what is being said. Jump into the conversation. And if you’d like to chat further, with a “fifty something” comment here or tweet me @FergDevins. (Button a tribute to the book “Twitterville” by @ShelIsrael) A shout out for @KyleReed who I stumbled upon searching for “20 something”  and a post he had in search of 20 something bloggers.