As December 25th draws closer, it’s always fun to hear stories of the spirit of Christmas. Whether its the homeless person with a new set of gloves, a family receiving a food and holiday hamper, a loved one returning home as a surprise or any one of those random acts of kindness. They all represent a clip of the spirit of Christmas. I’m not referring to the religious nature of this christian holiday, but more the contextual spirit of Christmas. A time to give, a time to repay, a time to reconnect, a time to forgive, a time to reach out and help someone, or to put a smile on someone’s face. All to me, represent the spirit of Christmas.

I just love the story of a friend who was recently visiting New York city. She was hunkered down at the Grand Central Station Oyster bar when a couple approached. She had single seats on each side of her. She waved the couple over and slid to the left to allow them seats together. It was a simple gesture. In fact, gosh, who’d think anything but doing that ! When our friend was finished, her oysters and beverage and ready to go, the server said that her cheque had been looked after. She asked “by whom”. The server explained that there had been a couple sitting across the bar and had seen what she had done for the couple beside her. They thought that it was so kind of her to allow the couple to sit together. They were so impressed by the gesture that they looked after our friend’s cheque/bill. Our friend, to say the least, was overcome with this gentle act of kindness and generosity, in the spirit of Christmas and thanked the server for this gesture. Our friend exclaimed that it certainly makes her Christmas special, on a simple act of kindness in the spirit of Christmas.

This season we can all play our part in spreading the spirit of Christmas. Best wishes for the Christmas season, for those who celebrate traditions. For those who are just taking time given this season and resultant holiday time – may you have much happiness and joy in your homes with family and friends. May the spirit of Christmas touch you all, and may you reach out and touch someone by spreading the spirit of Christmas. Best wishes for safe and joyful holiday season. Merry Christmas !  @FergDevins @DevinsNetwork