This season perhaps opens up a few more casual gestures of good will in our streets, towns, villages and cities. With masks on, and social distancing the norm – we have lost a bit of the seasonal joy and greetings that would normally bring more neigbourly practices to our streets and pathways. It is unfortunate that we may have lost a bit of the magic when passers-by greet each other with a season’s greetings. A small gesture this time of year, or any time of year brings positiveness into our midst. Ho Ho Ho – Hello !

On a walk with neighbours, the other day, we were remarking about how fascinating it is to pass people on the street and see the percentage that returns “Hello” along the way. Our finding is (in Toronto) that it is less than 50% that respond back to hello, good morning, hello there, good afternoon, hi. Sad, isn’t it !? The next time you are out for a walk, in the park, with the dog, in the neighbourhood – do your own little audit and let me know. Understandably in pandemic times, there is bound to be less casual greeting on our streets and paths.

However, this post is to continue my string of posts related to “The Book of (Holiday) Awesome” by Neil Pasricha. Neil’s “page 14” reference to awesome relates to “When Strangers wish you happy holidays”.

So, picking up on my intro, how awesome is it when someone actually initiates the greeting. Given what I stated in the opening paragraph, I am delighted. It is so nice to have another person just make that eye to eye, voice to voice, and make a connection with me. OK, I’ll give those that wish to put their head down and walk without interacting your time of day. I respect that there is probably a lot on people’s minds these days with these challenging times, but we can still keep with the #joy of the season and a little #goodwill greeting along the way.

Perhaps this little post might make each of us a little more aware of the opportunity to greet our fellow community members with a “Happy Holidays”, or “Merry Christmas” or “Good Morning”, just because there is nothing wrong with all of us spreading a little goodwill in our day.

Keep the distance and keep spreading the joy of the season.

Wishing all the strangers reading this post “happy holidays”.