It’s that time of year in Canada, when grade 12 students from coast to coast to coast are in receipt of their “offers” from post-secondary institutions of their choice.

It is a truly special time for families and for these students as they meet this milestone in the learning journey. Some will decide to take the increasingly popular “gap year”, to travel, improve some marks or earn some money for the next adventure. Many will choose a college campus to focus on some very practical learning in pursuit of a career choice. Many will pursue a university, in pursuit of a bachelor of arts, commerce, engineering or towards a longer term in specialization, masters or doctoral goal. Many will choose an independent learning centre to focus on a special art or fulfillment of their career pursuits and dreams.

None the less, the experience is something that those of us all look  back upon with fond memories of some of the “best days of our lives”. Campus experiences turn into life long memories and often involved the nurturing and foundation of life long friends.

I was particularly intrigued by the work of an entrepreneur Ali Badruddin, Schulich graduate, and the work that he and his team have done in developing Campus Vibez (pronounced Vibes…smiles). It serves to use video content curated by students and student organizations on campuses that highlight life on campus. They have done a terrific job on covering many of the colleges and universities across Canada. They are now in the process of sharing what they have built and building a broader community of engagement.

As families and students are making their final selections of the right “campus” to choose. This tool may be something that could be of assistance. It may also be a tool in the future for guidance counsellors providing insights into campus life, or for universities and student bodies who are in hot pursuit of selling their institutions to prospective students.

I’m sure that Ali would welcome any further questions via the web site. Cheers to this fascinating time of year in the lives of our graduating high school students. Best wishes for much success in fulfilling your dreams and continued education pursuits. @FergDevins