Heroes of Play #CenturyTour

As Hockey Canada celebrates their 100th year as an organizing body in Canada (December 4th was the official 100th date), the #CenturyTour caravan continues to make its way back and forth across this great nation.

Since June 26th, the #CenturyTour caravan has been travelling to festivals, events, communities and hockey events across this vast and magnificent land - Canada.

One element of the #CenturyTour is the Canadian Tire Hero of Play award. It is presented to "behind the scenes people" across Canada that are the heart and soul of #CanadasGame - the volunteer.

Heroes of Play speckle this great country of ours. In hockey, these heroes of play can show up in many different aspects of the game. They may be coaches that tirelessly support the ongoing development of tikes through to later years of high school play. They may be the tournament organizors that help bring together teams from across a region or from far away to take in #CanadasGame. They may be the team management that help to keep all of the ins and outs and systems running to ensure a smooth running organization to support the kids or hockey organizations in a community. They might be the officials and officiating staff who run the clinics and training and development behind the scenes, in score keeping or on the ice officiating. They may be the moms and dads who come together as a community to support the game and its youth and take on the challenge of fundraising and community support for our grassroots teams. They may be that passionate organisor in the community that, beyond the organized youth hockey, keep adults young and old and seniors playing the game in recreational leagues coast to coast to coast. Or, they may even be the head volunteer for a major international event such as the world junior hockey championships that were held in Toronto and Montreal over the 2014-15 holiday season in December/January.

Regardless of who "they" are, the Canadian Tire Heroes of Play are worthy of our thanks, particularly humble in their acceptance and so clearly passionate about the stories they have to tell about their experience in bringing Canada our game.

Hats off to all of the volunteers and those involved in #CanadasGame who are truly all heroes of play in keeping this sport alive and well and getting more kids and families involved in Hockey in Canada. Thanks to Canadian Tire and Hockey Canada for recognizing some of these heroes of play in Canada's game.

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Hockey Canada Celebrates 100 Years

December 4th is a memorable day for #CanadasGame, with Hockey Canada celebrating 100 years as an organizing body in Canada. With hockey as such a significant sport in our heritage and DNA as a nation, it is wonderful milestone to be sure, in Canada.

At the Devins Network we have been proud to be supporting the Hockey Canada #CenturyTour caravan , as it has been criss crossing the nation since June 26th.The #CenturyTour has been visiting communities, festivals and events. We have been to communities large and small, through celebrations already established and at a number of official Hockey Canada events in Canada. December 4th marks a mid way point for #CenturyTour as the caravan will continue to weave its way across Canada through to the end of May. Check out when it is coming to your community through regular updates on the Hockey Canada site.

The #CenturyTour is made possible by the tremendous support that it has received from its partners at Heritage Canada, Canadian Tire, Respect Group, Samsung Canada, and TELUS.

IMG_8772We wish the team at Hockey Canada and all of its associates from coast to coast to coast the very best, December 4th, as Hockey Canada celebrates 100 years.

Hockey Canada is a remarkable network of volunteers, leaders, thought leaders, officials, coaches, parents, supporters and partners that, through their joint efforts, keep this wonderful sport of hockey alive and well adn continuing to grow as #CanadasGame. Congrats on the richness of programs that you provide.

So happy birthday, happy anniversary @HockeyCanada. May the next 100 years bring with it the joy that this nation has witnessed through #CanadasGame and may we continue as a nation to cheer on our national teams and continue to have the opportunity to take part. We can all take part, whether playing the game, supporting our kids or family who partake, sponsoring, volunteering or just spectating with a big heart for what has become known as #CanadasGame.  Cheers to another 100 years Hockey Canada !  @FergDevins @DevinsNetwork.

#CenturyTour #TournéeduCentenaire Hockey Canada

At 11am this morning, at the Mastercard Centre for Hockey Excellence Hockey Canada's 100th birthday celebrations were announced with the launch of the #CenturyTour Caravan. The caravan is a spectacular tribute to 100 years of Hockey Canada and the heritage of the game in this country coast to coast to coast. It is full of interactive fun for the whole family. The Devins Network Team is proud to be supporting the tour by providing support in the areas of government relations outreach, community engagement, public relations and social media. With the tour management team from InMarket and the Team and Hockey Canada, we look forward to working with communities and festivals across Canada to raise awareness of #CanadasGame as the #CenturyTour trecks across this great land. We look forward to engaging with those who have plenty of stories and experience with the game, as well as reaching out and bringing newcomers to Hockey Canada to take in #CanadasGame during the #CenturyTour. You can follow all of the action via @HockeyCanada and @DevinsNetwork will be connecting with communities as the tour gets rolling. What's your hockey story ? Who might you introduce to #CanadasGame ? See you on the road #Canada !  A big shout out to our National Sponsors of the #CenturyTour - CANADA and Canadian Heritage, Canadian Tire, Respect Group, Samsung and TELUS. We will look forward to connecting with you coast to coast to coast @FergDevins @CharCoulson and @JPRochette @DevinsNetwork.

À 11:00 ce matin au Centre pour l’Excellence au Hockey Mastercard, les célébrations du 100e anniversaire de Hockey Canada ont été annoncées avec le lancement de la caravane du #TourDuCentenaire.  Cette caravane est une façon spectaculaire d’honorer les 100 ans de Hockey Canada ainsi que l’héritage de ce sport sur notre pays d’un océan à l’autre. L’équipe de Devins Network est fière de s’associer à cette tournée en offrant son expertise au niveau des relations gouvernementales et communautaires, en plus de s'impliquer au niveau des relations publiques et des médias sociaux. Avec l’équipe de tournée InMarket ainsi que celle de Hockey Canada, nous avons très hâte de travailler avec les communautés et les festivals partout au pays pour célébrer #LeSportduCanada alors que le de la #TournéeDuCentenaire parcourra ce beau grand pays. C’est avec plaisir que nous communiquerons avec ceux et celles qui auront de nombreuses histoires à raconter au sujet de notre sport national, en plus d'initier de nouvelles recrues et de leur faire découvrir #LeSportduCanada grâce au #Tour du Centenaire.  Suivez toute l’action via @HockeyCanada_fr et @DevinsNetwork puisqu’ils seront en contact avec les diverses communautés durant la tournée. Quelle est votre histoire de hockey? #LeSportduCanada pourrait-t-il être introduit à quelqu’un que vous connaissez? À bientôt #Canada, on se voit sur la route! Nous en profitons pour remercier nos commanditaires pour la #tourneeducentenaire: Canada et Héritage Canada, Canadian Tire, Respect Group, Samsung et TELUS. Nous avons hâte de discuter avec vous d’un océan à l’autre! @FergDevins, @CharCoulson et  @jPRochette  @DevinsNetwork