Use Your Words for #BellLetsTalk Day


This #BellLetsTalkDay is a great day for you to just listen a little more intently to the phrases and comments we make that have just become part of our language and lexicon.

Phrases and Words

I'm referring to those phrases and words that perhaps perpetuate the stigma or context of mental wellness, or those facing personal challenges.

I'm raising this in a light-hearted context, but concerning a serious matter. The matter is our concern and promotion of all things mental wellness, mental health, mental illness, mental stability, stable mindedness. The list goes on.

I am referring to some of those phrases that you might give a second thought to, as you reference them today and from this day forward.

Let's be more sensitive and more present to those words and situations that may actually be more "sensitive" than what meets the eye. What appears on the surface, is not always representative of what is below the surface or on a person's mind.

Someone may actually need your help, assistance or empathy if they are facing or dealing with a mental health matter.

Here's a short list that comes to mind. You might have others to add.

"That's just crazy"

"Are you out of your mind"

"Are you nuts"

"Are your meds working"

"Are you off your meds..."

"Who do you think you are..."

"Wow a little schitzo"

"That's a downer"

"There's a dark cloud hanging over them"

"You look panicked"

"She / He is a maniac"

"Just the ups and downs of life"

"That is just psycho"

"They are disturbed"

"Why so negative"

"wow, they're in a bad mood"

"A few screws loose over there..."

"That's just insane"

"They are a little skiddish"

"They are a little odd"

"That seems a little loony to me"

Did you catch yourself from the past making a comment, or thinking one of these phrases, or another?

Thanks for helping make a difference today and every day in promoting mental wellness.

#MentalWellness the #BellLetsTalk day.


I often refer to a statement I saw at St. Paul's Hospital in Vancouver - "If we take the I from Illness and make it a WE for wellness we move from Mental Illness to Mental Wellness". Let's not leave anyone alone.




Supporting #BellLetsTalk Day

A shout out to Bell and their major commitment to make a difference in getting people to talk about mental health. Thank you for creating #BellLetsTalk.

January 25th

January 25th is a wonderful day to bring attention to mental health issues coast to coast to coast. Bringing situations to open conversation will start a journey of recovery and hope.

Take the Challenge

It is incumbent upon "us" to take the challenge, accept the nudge and truly undertake our own personal campaign to engage in removing the stigma attached to mental illness. By embracing the challenge, we can turn to helping those in need.


As much as there is a need to talk, there is a need to listen. Listen for those who may be dealing with a difficult situation in their lives. Listen for those who are struggling alone. Listen to those who many be signalling to you that they need help. Listen for opportunities to help a loved one. Listen for those who may be on the street, with hat in hand and in need of your support. With a small action, you might make a huge difference in their day.

All Year

Through the awareness that #BellLetsTalk brings to us all, we can embrace this day of January 25th. We can "click and drag" its impact to the other 364 days of the year. Mental health challenges are not a one day and done effort. It will take effort each day, each hour, each moment with our family and friends, colleagues, neighbours, acquaintances or strangers in need -  to truly support each other on this journey.

From I to WE

I recall a message on a bulletin board at St. Paul's Hospital in Vancouver. It suggested that we should all consider taking the "I" out of Mental Illness and replacing it with a "WE". Transform the challenge from Mental Illness to a context of Mental Wellness.

By thinking of how we can work through the issue, the challenge, the strife, the moment, the depression or anxiety; we may be able to move from ill to well. I am not in any way mimimizing the huge challenge faced by those dealing with mental health issues, and their care givers. Each situation is individual. Each requires its own attention. Each will differ in plan for care and recovery. Each will require a plan from ill to well.

However, if we can all be a little more sensitive to the fact that mental health challenges surround us, we can listen, we can talk and we can move forward in this journey of getting better.


Thanks for engaging on this day of #BellLetsTalk. Wishing you wellness, today and all year long.

Today #BellLetsTalk

Today is the magnificent day dedicated to #BellLetsTalk - January 27th, 2016. It is one day where we are encouraged  to think about Mental Health and to "talk the talk" when it comes to being open to learning more and being supportive of those who may have a need.

Fundamental to "talk" is listening. If we listen with an open ear and open mind to family, friends, neighbours, co-workers - or even a passer by, who may appear to be in need; WE can truly make a difference. Their appearance may not be what triggers you. They may "look fine". It is in their words or their body language where you will pick up a sense of need through your listening.

By listening for that mental health need, we may offer support to someone who may be reluctant to reach out. By listening and being open to hear and understand that someone is in need - we help remove the stigma. You help get them through the discomfort of raising their issue with you.

Someone facing a mental health issue hasn't done anything wrong. Only through listening and then being open to supporting them can we help that person in need understand that it is ok to speak up and be supported. Give them comfort to open up and express themselves.

Being open to listening for someone struggling with something in their mind, can and will make a difference. By pretending that everything is ok, and it's "not my issue" is not helping. If you felt that they were in despair, would you not want to help out? Check in with them, listen for their need.

On this #BellLetsTalk day, be open to listen for that opportunity to help someone in your circle or community. It may be someone close to you. It may be someone you pass on the street. It may be someone posting something on line in a network looking for support. By listening for these conversations in need of support...we can truly make a difference.

Thanks for listening, and being a pillar of support in your community. Thanks for supporting more openess in Mental Health. Let's take the "I" out of illness and replace it with a "WE" for wellness !

@FergDevins  @DevinsNetwork