Have you had a more inspiring February in recent years ? I suppose the last time that Canadians, in general, felt so “pumped” was four years ago during the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympic and Paralympic games.

From the smiling faces of our Olympians first entering the opening ceremonies stadium in Sochi, through to the final blast of closing fireworks, the energy, passion and dream making was certainly something to behold through our televisions, ipads, iphones computers and assorted personal communication devices. As individuals and members of their teams, our Olympians captured our hearts and emotions during these fabulous Olympic games in Sochi Russia.

Thanks also to the folks at CBC as the official Canadian Olympic broadcasters and to all members of the media…traditional and social that brought their voice and insights to carry us the games from Russia.

There was something so great about the #wearewinter campaign that made this harshest winter in years feel so appropriate as a backdrop to our Olympians battling it out in Sochi.

Special thanks to our Canadian Olympic Team for sharing their dreams with us and inspiring a nation through their sport. Hopefully we as Canadians will continue to support the dreams of our current and future Olympians as they prepare for their continuing world competition schedules in pursuit of the next summer and winter Olympic games. You can help make a difference by supporting the foundation, if you so choose.

#TeamCanada, thanks for the lift and pride you give us all. Cheers @FergDevins