Ah the memories that can be evoked by a simple token ornament for the tree – enjoy !

In today’s post, I refer to Neil Pasricha’s “The Book of (Holiday) Awesome” and his reference to “pulling out that old box of Christmas ornaments from when you were a kid”.

Whether it is the angel atop your tree, the “baby’s first Christmas” ornament, the family pet, Mickey Mouse lights, your miniature Christmas Village, your favourite Nutcracker, a favourite ornament from a family member, the neighbour’s ornament from years gone by – memories adorn our Christmas trees each year.

One of our own all-time favourites is a “Mrs Jones” ornament that our dear friend Shiela gave us, likely the first year we had a tree. It is a little angel made out of various pasta pieces, painted white and glazed and has survived for 30 years. Another collection that is special for us is a collection of the annual White House ornaments. Over the years, our dear friend Angela and more recently her daughter Danielle have sent us the White House ornament. They colourfully adorn our tree this year in all their splendour.

That box of ornaments you pull out each year is a wonderful reflection of memories over the years that bring joy to the ritual of tree decorating.

As the scouts, markets and churches fill their parking lots and locations with the annual harvest of Christmas trees, may your own preparations to pull your box of decorations bring you much joy and awesomeness this holiday season.