Stop the Rant – Get Involved


June 7th is the current “penciled in date” for the Ontario Election in 2018.

Don’t you just love the coffee or beer banter when everyone starts to spout off about the current Premier or the Leaders of the Opposition? There are always lots of opinions on whether jobs are being done well, or not. Everyone seems to have a lot of huff and puff and perspective. I remind friends and neighbours that the banter back and forth at the bar, over dinner or while watching the news, has little to no impact on the situation. How you can truly impact the situation is to take the steps to get involved. Join a party, knock on doors, take on a role with your local candidate. If you truly believe in making a difference, stop the banter and the ranting and get involved personally in a campaign.


Political Parties need Volunteers and New Blood


Political parties are in need of volunteers, new interests, new perspectives and ground support for their operations. Let’s face it, elections come and go and so do governments. We’ve seen leaders change and parties stay in power. We’ve seen leaders stay and parties stay in power. We’ve seen leaders stay and parties out of power. The fact is, governments evolve. They evolve by the choice of the people. You can help make a difference and have an impact by getting involved.


Pick a Party – Give them a Call


In Ontario, there are plenty of opportunities for you to get involved. It is likely that a party that you may be interested in has organized locally in your riding. Given that there have been a few changes to electoral riding boundaries, you might be best to get in touch with the central office of the party and have them redirect you to your relevant riding association.

Here are some links to the main parties in Ontario

Ontario Progressive Conservative Party

Ontario Liberal Party

Ontario New Democratic Party

Green Party of Ontario

Ontario Libertarian Party


Elections Ontario


If you are less inclined to be directly involved with party politics but would like to be engaged in the political process; you might contact Elections Ontario and see if there is a role that you could play in the upcoming election in 2018. They actually offer some paid positions. You are at the heart of the “back of house” operations of the election in Ontario. For some, this can be a very rewarding and exciting process, without having to “get political” along the journey.


Get Involved – Make a Difference


I return to my initial opening call to action. Stop the banter, stop the rant, stop the shouting. Get involved and make a difference.


Cheers !