There seemed to be a lot of chatter today on the airwaves in Toronto about “picking up sticks”. The city is littered with fallen trees and branches, many of which are still semi attached to the actual trees. Officials seem to think that this will take up to eight weeks to clean up. Some suggest bringing in the army as a quicker fix. Some have suggested opening the lines to those in need of work. Another option in between might be to have our Ministry of Natural Resources fire crews from across the province engage. They actually have professional training on how to use chain saws. Regardless, this could be a tremendous opportunity for the city to band together one neighbourhood at a time and get our streets and parks and yards back in order as a whole community. Many have complained about not taking the right steps through the power outage and the food vouchers. Hopefully our leaders can learn from these difficult times and discover what actions will resolve the issues. This is not a time to blame, but a time to learn through what has taken place. Crisis does not bring answers readily, but by banding together and discussing opportunities and possibilities…good ideas emerge and planned actions can follow. Regardless ,we can be thankful of the city workers and hydro workers and all those who have pitched in to get our city back up and running, even in the face of some of the harshest temperatures this winter. Thanks to the 600 city staff that are tasked with this huge challenge. Let’s remember those who face the challenge of the street on these cold winter nights. @FergDevins  @DevinsNetwork