Given my summer location in Kenora Ontario, we are always catching news of “riders” traveling across Canada on various pursuits. I often wonder about the story behind the rider. Often times it is a personal journey of support or awareness. So many causes, so many riders.

In some instances it is just a dream journey, a time to fulfill on a vision, or a chance to see this great land of ours.

I know this summer that there are many who are travelling acros various parts of our great country, during Canada’s 150 celebrations. It is a year of exploration. This is a special birthday year as Canada celebrates its sesquicentennial year.

There is one “rider” of whom I am familiar. His name is Paul Kraemer. Paul is a digital marketing strategist who hails from Richmond Hill Ontario. I have become friends with Paul through some of the work that he has done for Bladder Cancer Canada. Paul has been working with us on ways to increase our awareness on line. particularly with our Goggle Adwords efforts.

Paul is taking a dream trip this summer from Richmond Hill to the Arctic Circle and back again. Given his work with Bladder Cancer Canada, he was struck by the lack of awareness of this disease. He offered to help raise awareness along the way.

We have set him up with some swag, buttons, stickers, some key storylines and a flag to wave along the way. He will be meeting with some of our walk leads, volunteers and local media in our “walk communities” of Kenora, Saskatoon, Edmonton, Calgary and Winnipeg.

Perhaps you will see Paul on his journey and now have a little more insight into, “what that guy is doing”. Paul will fulfill a dream of riding to and from the Arctic. He is going to rendezvous with family in Anchorage Alaska. Along the way, he will help us at Bladder Cancer Canada fulfill on a dream that we have as well. That dream and mandate is to support patients and raise awareness about bladder cancer in Canada. If Paul could affect just one patient and their support network,

If Paul can affect the life of just one patient and their support network along the way, he will have helped us fulfill our dreams too.

Wishing Paul a safe journey too and from the Arctic Circle. See you in Kenora !

@FergDevins  @BladderCancerCA